The characters grew up in an age of war. Those with younger siblings or children know that the first thing they were taught to fear was the four Godseekers. They were monstrous beings that had risen out of legend with armies and a common oath to make all of Aquoria worship them.

You and your friends might have played been playing Godseekers and Swordbinders, recreating epic battles with sticks and rocks, on the day the grown up war came to your home. Large cities like Flanton or Greenleaf, countless villages, farms and plantations, even the most remote places were all swept up in the decade long conflict. Those living in the war zone were turned into refugees.

What followed varied widely depending on your background. For children of the rich and powerful the journey was like a vacation with some scary moments. For children of adventurers things were often more scary and more fun. But most of the families who became refugees of the Godseeker War knew hunger, cold, sickness, and uncertainty as they wandered, lost for years.

In the midst of your wandering you found your way to a miracle. The old song tells those in trouble to walk into the sundown and like many others you followed its advice. In your wondering you began to hear tell of other refugees, of a place that was safe. At the head of a wide valley, The Swordbinders had taken time out of their struggle against the Godseekers to build a huge Amethyst Keep. You were told the Keep was built with powerful magic and everyone had food, water, and safety. You might have doubted, you might have believed. When you finally arrived, though, they took you in and you knew.

The rest of the war passed like a monsoon season; some days you were able to go outside but most of the time you had to stay indoors as the storms of war raged. While you waited, you had food, water, a place to poop, and you were able to learn. You learned to read, studied history in verse and song, and eventually you learned the basic skills for your future adventures.

It was the middle of the night when word arrived at the Amethyst Keep that the Godseeker War was over. The Godseekers had been defeated. Within days the cramped Keep began to empty, those who left filled the valley around the Keep. It wasn’t long before everyone left the Keep and began to build a life around the Keep.

The joy of victory quickly faded as the problems involved with building a new community in the middle of a wilderness emerged. Hunger and uncertainty again became an issue and the nights were perhaps more frightening now than during the height of the Godseeker War. Things calmed down a bit when the Swordbinder and some of her people arrived and took up residence in the Amethyst Keep. They formed a militia and began to help organize the refugee camp into a city.

This is where your adventures begin, as the camp that is your adopted home stands on the edge of a knife and those brave enough to act will shape the future of a city, a continent and a world.


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