Welcome to Aquoria: The Edge Of The Knife!

The community springing up around the Swordbinder’s Amethyst Keep has passed from fear to near lawlessness. The mass of people is quickly coalescing into a city, if it doesn’t come apart.

Priests of outer gods and at least one cult are jockeying for the hearts and minds of the people, while an open-secret thieves guild and merchant lords grapple for their gold. Through it all, the band of heroes who raised the fortress and saved these people during the Godseeker war are busy with tasks that are a mystery to the people.

There is joy and anger as the mass of refugees begin to look to the future, and look to new heros to protect and shape our future.

What’s New

[[Background: The Enclave Of The Swordbinder | Background: The Enclave Of The Swordbinder]]

[[Background: Race the Remnant | Background: Race the Remnant]]


The Land

Aquoria: The Edge of the Knife

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